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формы словаβ

1. (за начин) thus, so, (in) this/that way, in such a way; like this/that; (по този начин) thereby; а това не винаги е ~ which is not always the case; ето ~! that’s the way (to do it)! и ~ нататък and so on and so forth; и ~ сме си добре we’re all right as we are; и той ще направи ~ he will do likewise; каза му, ~ ли? you told him, did you? как ~ how come? how’s that? може и ~ да е that’s as may be; нека си остане ~ leave it as it is, let it remain as it is; работата стои ~ this is how matters stand; ~ да се каже so to say/speak; as it were; ~ е прието/~ се прави it is the usual practice; ~ или иначе somehow or other; one way or (an)other; anyhow, in any event; at any rate; in either case; ~ кажи that’s more like it; ~ ли? really? indeed? is that so? is that really the case? so that’s it? ~ му се пада (it) serves him right; ~ например (thus) for example, (so) for instance; ~ нареченият the so called; ~ не се говори that’s not the way to speak; ~ погледнато looking at it in that light/way; той му отговори ~ this is what he answered, he answered as follows; щом искаш, ~ да бъде well then, have it your own way;
2. (толкова) so, to such an extent; бъдете ~ добър да be so kind as to, be kind enough to;
3. (за потвърждение) that’s it/right, that’s so, to be sure, sure, so it is; ~ да бъде all right, very well; so be it; ха ~! that’s it!; • (ей) ~, току ~ just so; for no apparent reason, just like that; защо го направи? ­ (ей) ~ why did you do it? ­ because I felt like it; значи ~ so that’s that и ~ and so; и ~, и ~ either way, (без друго) anyhow, anyway; therefore; hence; както …, ~ и both … and; както тук, ~ и там both here and there, here as well as there; не току ~ not without reason, with good reason; ~ че/щото so that; ~ че да so as to.

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